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bring it to the media to show that it is a very serious subject when someone tries to steal your identity. you may think you know rider ce and the field, but on facebook is a totally different story. >> he just wanted to get the word out for people to be safe. >> his publicist told us the star running back wanted his story out there because he was very concerned about his reputation and the safety of his bands to trust him. a reece -- started receiving messages that a man claiming to be him had started a page and was using the page to try to pick up women under the age of 18. >> we had one girl the responded
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to this person who said she was going to maryland live casino, and an hour later he checked on -- check in on his facebook page at maryland like casino. >> computer security experts say unfortunately, at this point, the person who is doing this has not broken any laws. there are obvious tells that the page is fake. for everyday folks, it should be a wake-up call to protect your personal information. >> the average citizen should be cautious about their personal information they are putting on the internet. >> since we filed a report, facebook has since removed that fake profile. ray rice even talking about on his face with page saying the guy who was impersonating me was
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busted and the page removed. he says parents, talk to your kids about online safety and creeks like this. that is some pretty valuable advice there. >> we are following a developing story from baltimore county. for people are in area hospitals at this hour after a traffic stop ended with the suspects' car crashing into two other vehicles. a trooper was trying to stop the vehicle in towson but it took off and the driver ran a red light and slammed into another car and then another, injuring people in both. police have not release the identity of the driver who is now facing multiple traffic charges. we are told that none of the injuries or life-threatening. >> police have tracked down a man who has been exposing himself in colombia. he was caught in act last night. in the food court, someone reported a man exposing in
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falling himself. detectives say 49-year-old steven lerer is now facing two charges of indecent exposure. he could be facing even more charges. we have learned of another case in the parking lot of a movie theater adjacent to the mall, where two girls say a man in a vehicle lifted himself up off the sea and pulled down his pants. investigators are working to determine if that man was lerer as well. >> south ever his beloved blade runner is charged with the murder of his girlfriend. beloved bladea's runner is charged with the murder of his girlfriend. >> he is due to spend the evening inside a police cell. he was arrested early this morning here at his home after reports of a shooting incident
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in which his girlfriend was killed. she was shot several times, and then he was arrested shortly afterwards. >> some of the details have stunned south africans. he is an incredible hero here in a country that has no shortage of national heroes. >> i hope it is really not as bad as i think it is. >> he is due to appear in court early tomorrow morning around 9:00 local time, around 2:00 a.m. eastern time. there the charge against him will be outlined. we have been told by the authorities this evening that they want to resist any attempts by eight lawyers representing him to try to get bail. they don't want him to return here to his secure home tomorrow evening.
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>> phil services are set for the university of maryland student fatally shot by his house made tuesday in college park. he will be laid to rest this saturday in pennsylvania. police say he was killed by his housemate, who also shot another house made before turning the gun on himself. he sustained non life- threatening injuries and is recovering. >> baltimore police have identified the instructor who mistakenly shot a police trainee on tuesday. now state officials have begun to review the city's entire police training efforts. jayne miller is live in the newsroom with the details. >> the officer is williams got kern, 46 years old and a member of the police department since 1994. he is on medical suspension while his actions tuesday are under the microscope of a
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criminal investigation. according to sources, kern mistakenly grabbed the wrong weapon. he was supposed to be using a training weapon, instead he fired his service weapon and shot a trainee from the university of maryland police in the forehead. the trainee is in stable but critical condition at shock trauma. state police training officials today began an onsite audit of the city's training headquarters located in northwest baltimore. today was the first time the city used the rosewood facility. no live weapons should have been present. kern is a veteran police instructor, but we are told that a short time before the accident of shooting on tuesday, he mistakenly pulled his service weapon as well.
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jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> firefighters say smoke alarms were not working inside an apartment this morning when a mother and two children were injured in a fire. skyteam 11 was over that home in aberdeen where officials say a fire started in a bedroom. we are told that the 2-year-old and 4-year-old boys are being treated for first and second- degree burns. two other people escaped the apartment uninjured. >> some sunshine across the area today melted that morning snow and ice. we are in for a little bit of a warm up as we head toward the end of the work week. temperatures are mostly in the 40's around the baltimore metro area and on to the eastern shore. it will be even milder during the day tomorrow. for our region, we will get into a south to southwesterly flow of
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air and temperatures more could easily hit 50 degrees before blast of arctic air arrives. there may be a little bit of snow to talk about friday night into saturday. >> new at this hour, motion denied. john leopold request for a new trial has been shot down by the state. he was found guilty last month of misconduct in office, using on duty police officers to do campaign work and personal business. the grounds were stated without merit. leopold resigned after the conviction. a large crowd converged on annapolis today to testify for and against repealing the death penalty law. the national president of the naacp urged lawmakers to abolish capital punishment. david collins is live in annapolis with more.
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>> the repeal now seems to be on the fast track in the senate. a committee it is expected to vote on it a week from today. police broke up the death penalty opponent rally staged in the media and outside the senate building. they did not have a permit to demonstrate and the huge signs were considered a driving distraction. >> there is a lot of support and solidarity. >> party from across the state support the governor's bill to replace the death penalty with a sentence of life in prison without parole. the archbishop joined an emotionally charged crowd that filled the hearing room. >> everybody wants a society that is just and humane. the experience has been that the death penalty does not contribute to that. >> governor martin o'malley gave committee member several reasons to repeal the death penalty. he said of his remark with plenty of background perspective of being a mayor of a large city
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with crime problems. >> does the death penalty work as a deterrent, as a prevention to violent crime? no. 2, is the death penalty and effective use of taxpayer dollars? no. 3, is the death penalty consistent with our values as a people? >> committee members peppered him with questions. if the death penalty does not exist, what about inmates murdering each other? how can justice be served for the most heinous criminal acts with a life sentence? >> we need to keep the death penalty for the worst of the worst. >> committee members in support of the death penalty argue that prosecutors use it as leverage or a bargaining tool. we contacted every prosecution office in the state asking whether that is true. 11 of the 23 jurisdictions responded. most of the respondents -- the
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anne arundel prosecutor -- 1 said it is not appropriate to the washington county state's attorney explain, at no time is it used as leverage or to advance a case. >> the death penalty does not work. it is not an effective deterrent and it is a waste of money. >> historically, the bill has always died in committee. why supporters believe it will at least make it to the senate floor, and why voters may have the final word. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and huge tanker fire in annapolis is ruled accidental. >> fire officials say they will never be able to determine exactly what send the truck up in flames. we will tell you why, when we come back. >> will have the latest on the crippled cruise liner, coming up.
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>> changes coming to downtown
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next investigators in annapolis say the fire that burned a fuel tanker was accidental, but they will never know the exact cause.
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skyteam 11 was over the scene on edgewood road where that 3,000 gallon tanker caught fire. it did not leak into the nearby water and no one was injured in the buyer. tonight the red cross is helping a family devastated by deadly house fire early wednesday morning. this is video of the flames caught on a fire truck-board camera. most of the family made it out of the home, but a 66-year-old was unable to escape from her bedroom. the family is seeking emergency shelter and financial assistance tonight as they work to replace necessities that lost in the fire. it is believed a kerosene heater spark the plan. >> just as things were starting to look up for the thousands of passengers and crew members on the cruise ship being towed to alabama, another problem. >> a tow line snapped and the
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carnival cruise line is once again dead in the water, at least for now. >> passengers on the triumph can now see the shoreline, they just cannot get here at this point. problems with the tow line have been fixed, but now it looks like the ship will not dock at this terminal until sometime overnight. the first clear signs of desperation on board. >> this is going to be a long day. there is no way we can speed up the process. >> it has already been four days of suffering for more than four thousand on board the ship. >> i know the sioux were is backing up and water is in the cabins. -- the sewer is backing up. it is just a nightmare. >> we are all together and in tears. everyone is overwhelmed.
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>> the ship with no power to stabilize or steer. >> on one side of you see is sky and on the other side all you see is water. that is how bad it is tilting at times. >> family members have gathered at the cruise terminal in mobile, their anger and frustration growing, along with the weight which is extended by the difficulty of getting too short. >> you need to be sure your equipment is in good, working order. >> for some, the tension has now turned to tears. horrible for those waiting, but so much worse for those still stranded out on the water tonight. more than four thousand passengers and crew members who will likely remain trapped on
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triumph until sometime after midnight. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the doppler roll back all the way to yesterday. you see that fast-moving rain and snow maker track across the region and get out of here pretty quick. there is another one already approaching from the northwest. that little badge of rain and snow that went through last night was long gone by the morning rush hour but there were slippery conditions early today. tonight we will not have that it will be chilly and dry. once the snow moves out and the sky clears, a lot of sunshine with temperatures above normal. tomorrow we will make it up to 50 or even higher in some spots. arctic air returns over the upcoming weekend. right now is 48 degrees in downtown baltimore. temperatures near the
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pennsylvania line or in the lower 40's. arawn ocean city they are at 45 as well. only a little bit chillier out west, 38 in oakland and frostburg. tonight around baltimore we start out with clear skies and then it becomes part a cloudy. sunset at 5:43. in the western maryland mountains, we have rain and snow showers in the forecast for late tomorrow. that changes to all snow over the weekend, with colder temperatures at 36 tomorrow and 20's 4 highs on saturday and maybe only in the teens for height temperatures on sunday in the western maryland ounce. on the eastern shore we will look for rain showers tomorrow evening, changing over the snow showers on saturday. a 55 degrees at the coast tomorrow and much chillier on saturday. the arctic front is lurking off to the north and west of us.
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teens across the upper midwest right now. probably the front coming through tomorrow night into saturday, there may be another one forming on that front as it moves through the mid atlantic and hits the warm waters of the atlantic just off the coast. partly cloudy through the afternoon. it will be a mild day tomorrow with highs in the duty's. as the low pressure develops, this back of rain and snow is developing tomorrow night into saturday morning. there may be some accumulating snow during the day saturday as it moves at to see in the cold air ports in. there may be some flurries coming in across the mountains. definitely a change in the weather as we get into the weekend. tomorrow, 48-53 and the rain and snow holds off until late afternoon or even toward sunset or beyond. the best chance for snow accumulation would be late friday night into saturday morning.
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waves averaging about 1 foot on the bay. a mild day tomorrow, sharply colder with some snow on saturday. flurries on sunday and sunny skies but still chilly on monday. >> a growing extent across europe as horse meat is detected in grocery stores. >> national health officials released their first report on released their first report on
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>> more countries are involved in a growing european scandal .ver horseleecmeat german stores have had to remove product and three men were arrested on suspicion of fraudulently packing horse meat as beef. the problems began earlier this year when it was discovered
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there were a horse meat and burgers in ireland and great britain. test will be conducted to detect horse medicine in the products. >> the company that makes monster energy drinks is making changes to its labels on its cans and containers. according to reports, monster beverage corp. will use the federal guidelines for food products for its ingredient labels. it will now list nutrition facts instead of the supplement backs they do now. will indicate how much caffeine is in the drink. it is in response to criticism and possible links to death. according to a new numbers from the cdc, there are 20 million new sexually transmitted infections in the united states
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each year and cost about $16 billion to treat them. half of all new infections occur in young people ages 15-24. about 14 million cases involve hpv. the agency says all std's are preventable, but left untreated they can cause lifelong problems and even death. the first report on emergency contraception use among american women. by 2010, about 11% of sexually active women have used emergency contraceptive pills. that is up from 4% in 2002. most of those were in their early 20's and use the method because they either had unprotected sex or peered their method of protection had failed. a pilot project from six va hospitals is being conducted to develop a plan to implement heart disease screening for newborns. it follows an executive order from virginia governor bob
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mcdonnell. he and other officials say that congenital heart defects affect one out of every 110 babies in the u.s. the proposed screenings measure the amount of oxygen in the baby's blood. >> still ahead, a well-known conference venue will no longer be putting on shoes. the theater in towson has some plan changes -- will no longer be putting on shows. >> and one county, at least 60 crashes were reported, one of them fatal. >> baltimore county may be a step ahead of the president when it comes to putting key educational programs in p
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>> live, local, latebreaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m., with stan stovall, donna hamilton, and your chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> take a good look at the theater in towson. soon it will look like a completely different place. it has been around for nearly two decades now and was the scene of a mob-like melee last fall. >> rob roblin is live in towson.
5:30 pm
thus the change have something to do with last year's problem on the streets of towson? >> i talked to the owner earlier and he said absolutely no. he said that have been planning to make this changeover for couple of years. the record peter has been a music being you here in towson for almost 20 years. a favorite place for many to see a concert. >> it gave me the opportunity to see some acts there and i did not have to drive too far. >> they have decided to remodel that the editor and turn it into a nightclub. brian says they could not compete -- to remodel the theater and turn it into a nightclub. >> we knew what was going to happen. it was just a matter of time. it is like the walmart syndrome. we would throw out bids that were huge, and the bigger venues just come in over the top and
5:31 pm
out trump you. what some folks think the change was because of an incident that happened in the fall when a crowd got out of control, but brian says that is not the case. >> there were some problems in the fall. >> is that the reason you are changing? >> no, we had discussed this years ago. we were getting pushed out, so to speak, because of oversize. not anything else, it is just we cannot compete with the big dogs. >> concert fans we talked to in towson today are disappointed that the theater will be closing. >> it would support local music, and i just think that will not happen anymore. >> i will miss it. we will miss being able to come and listen to the concert. >> time marches on. >> a lot of people -- not a lot
5:32 pm
of people think it is a good idea to change over to a nightclub. the county executive said he is delighted that the owners are reinvesting in the community. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. ray rice is trying to get the word out that someone is using his name to set up on line date. according to his publicist, he received a number of messages from fans on his real facebook page claiming that another man was using his name to pick up women and girls under 18. that man even put pictures of rice's child on his page. a developing story that we first told you about at the top of the hour. four people were injured when a police pursuit ends with the
5:33 pm
suspects' car crashing into two other vehicles. maryland state police confirm that it trooper was trying to stop a vehicle on fair amount avenue in towson when the driver took off. police say the suspect ran a red light and slammed into other cars. no word yet on the identity of the driver but police say he will face multiple charges. we are told that none of the entries is life-threatening. it may not have been a lot of snow last night but there were bombs for commuters all over the viewing area this morning. this is just one that many accidents reported before 9:00 this morning in northwest baltimore. things were the worst in anne arundel county. authorities say they were dealing with at least 60 crashes within two hours, all due to a icy conditions. one woman was killed when her suv collided with a cement truck just before 8:00 this morning. her age and identity have not
5:34 pm
been released. >> president obama says he will help states offer preschool for every 4-year-old, especially those from low and moderate income families. he wants to see more high school students are in college credits. we have more on how baltimore county has responded. >> of accounting has led the way in preschool education and found ways to help students are college credits while still in high school. there is the least one program in place where they are both working hand to a -- hand in hand. students make the right to class at lansdowne high school. some will spend this period learning how to teach some of the county's youngest learners. it is a program where those four years old and younger get to spend part of their day on the high school campus. it is part of the school's health and human service academy. >> i just really like kids and i want to be a teacher when i grow up. i figure it will give enough experience to be able to do what
5:35 pm
i want to do. >> didn't get to earn a 90-hour day care certificate and college credits. -- students get to earn a eight day care scarce -- certificate and college credits. >> most of their experiences are just with babysitting. an entertaining kids. but this is where they actually have to plan, prepare, and teach lessons to the preschoolers. >> i just like to deal with kids and i like the fact that kids are just so happy to be around people. i want to help them do ok in kindergarten and first grade and so on. >> it goes both ways. students get to plan their own careers while helping to pave and educational path for those who come behind them. >> i feel like it will help me when i decide to become a pediatrician and help me interact with the kids. i will have a little more experience with them.
5:36 pm
>> preschoolers get to learn subject like art, language, math, music, and science. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a pet pitbull springs into action when the family's home catches fire. >> she saved two women asleep inside the burning home. >> lower weight lines in airport security and more layoffs. the cadillac and of congress cannot reach a budget agreement soon. i am nikole killion in
5:37 pm
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>> a massachusetts team is being credited with saving the life of his elderly neighbor. the 100--- 103-year-old was trapped inside. 16-year-old dylan he thought it would be a good idea to check on her. he thought she might be
5:40 pm
suffering from hypothermia. he shoveled for an hour to make a path wide enough for emergency crews to get to her home. got there just in time. dillon said he did not do anything heroic, just check them on a close friend and neighbor he had known his whole life. >> a 10-year-old pitbull is a hero for an oklahoma family. the pitbull went crazy and would not stop barking and jumping until both of them woke up. they made it out safely but they were not able to get some of the other five dogs out. but baby was not leaving anyone behind. >> there was one hiding under the bed and may be dragged him outside. >> the family home was a total loss but everyone is just happy to have escaped with their family intact.
5:41 pm
>> making important financial decisions, negotiating real estate deals are hard. >> in this town, these kids are actually doing it before they graduate elementary school. >> a major merger in the sky. two airlines combining to create the world's biggest airline. >> mild temperatures on the way tomorrow and then ahg
5:42 pm
>> here is a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00. a fight to repeal the death penalty in maryland.
5:43 pm
plus, a man was posing as a super bowl champion to meet women. what you need to watch out for on faceb
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>> mark is a lucky man. part of a special deal, and to be eligible you had to download an app from the tourism department and either take a picture of yourself with that or with a county official.
5:45 pm
we hope he has someone to share it with on this valentine's day. >> how about a date at a tea shop? when they put it out it looks like it is not enough to fill you up, but we actually had to bring some home. there was one tea that actually had peppercorns in it. check out the weather across the region today. slippery conditions this morning but it cleared out nicely in the afternoon. lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. you can see the path movement of that storm system that rolled through here last night. it put down an inch or two of
5:46 pm
snow in the northern suburbs and then it was gone. the moisture left behind created the slippery conditions this morning. another one passes by tomorrow night and then an arctic front arrives tomorrow night. 49 degrees for the high today, 45 is the average. 70 is the record high set in 1990. daylow zero on valentine's was the record. columbia at 45 degrees. tonight it will not be all that cold, 26-33. light southerly winds at 5 miles an hour and cloud cover starting to come in later tonight. western maryland, if you are going out for the week any better bundle up. it is going to get cold. snow will be coming down on saturday. sunday in western maryland stuck in the teens. 51 on the shore tomorrow with
5:47 pm
rain arriving tomorrow evening, changing over in just know as we head into saturday morning. there is potential for some accumulation on the lower eastern shore. 39 for the high saturday with the possibility of some snow accumulation. it all depends on how the area of low pressure accumulate on the front. if the storm develops like we think it will, it will enhance the moisture and precipitation it will give us a lot accumulation of snow tomorrow night and saturday morning. tomorrow night the front comes through and low pressure develops. that is late friday night into saturday morning. then the front moves off the coast and rain and snow falls out over the atlantic, but the cold air ports in behind it. the weekend will finish with a real chill. enjoy the temperature in the
5:48 pm
afternoon because it will get sharply colder over the weekend. the range should hold off until after sunset tomorrow night. water temperatures in the upper 30's. it will drop from 50 for the high tomorrow to just 37 saturday and only around freezing for the high on sunday. maybe some accumulation on saturday morning with a few flurries lingering into sunday. >> a big announcement from the attorney general, maryland and 29 other states have reached a settlement with toyota motor corp. the settlement is related to allegations that toyota concealed safety defects in the vehicles. a budding relationship in the airline industry tonight takes flight.
5:49 pm
american airlines in u.s. airways are merging to create the world's biggest airline. >> on the one hand it means fewer airlines to choose from, and that could ultimately result in higher prices. the ceos behind the merger say travelers only stand to benefit. american airlines in u.s. airways plan to combine and flight under this new logo with the american brands. the ceo, doug parker, will ultimately run the show. >> the merger is about the opportunity to grow rather than just combine networks. >> it creates the world's largest airline. >> we will once again be an industry leader were the of the name american airlines. >> the new american would offer more than 6700 daily flights without shutting down any hubs. frequent fliers in chicago have
5:50 pm
doubts. since 2008, travelers have watched their options diminished through mergers. now three met at international airlines will remain, united, delta, an american. consumer advocates warned that prices will go up. >> competition will be reduced by about 25%. >> your frequent flyer miles? the airlines say they are all safe. >> you have mixed miles with both accounts, you will be able to combine them to a much larger accounts. >> one of the few downsides to a business move that will create a new major competitor. there will not be any changes for several months. the merger still needs to be approved by a bankruptcy judge in an antitrust regulator. the deal is expected to be finalized by the first quarter of this year.
5:51 pm
>> you will want to check your fridge before you make your next saleh. a california company is recalling organic baby spinach because it could be contaminated with e. coli. is sold in several states under five different labels. the company taylor forms retail says no illnesses have been reported so far. gas prices are suddenly creeping up. drivers are starting to change their travel routines, using more public transportation, walking, or even writing their bicycles. the big question is, why are prices going up so quickly, and how long before they come back down? >> i don't understand what the cost keeps going up without explanation. >> where is it going to stop? >> when the gas prices are high, i stay home more. >> this is the time of year when the oil companies start making
5:52 pm
their summer blend of gas, and that does bring up the price at the pump. you can help keep an eye on gas prices throughout the area. take a picture of the prices and use our app to send it to ulocal. >> the latest generation of on to printers is hard at work opening a massive shop in baltimore county but they are not exactly men or women. they have not even graduated from high school. this is a replica of an american city and it opened up for business bright and early this morning. continental tunnel group open its junior achievement branch this morning, run by about 75 students from an elementary school. they are conducting bank transactions and learning finance. this eeo is only in the fourth grade. >> he is taking it very seriously.
5:53 pm
he is helping his group figure out how to get through the legal processes. >> his daughter was part of the junior achievement program 10 years ago. now 19, she says she is still using the skills she learned way back in the fourth grade. the race is on to stop billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts. a closer look at how out sequestration could impact you. >> it is like the super bowl for the floral industry. valentine's day deliveries.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> did you get a delivery today, and did you remember to get your sweetheart something for valentine's day? jennifer franciotti has details. >> dark, light, spicy, you name it, they have it. chocolate on valentine's day is in hot demand. >> the last couple of days have been very busy. >> dozens of pounds of chocolate strawberries will be sold along with thousands of truffles. but on the day that celebrates love, nothing says that quite like flowers.
5:57 pm
>> valentine's day makes everybody happy, i guess. >> trucks are field and will be refilled. >> i should have to trips today. this is the morning trip. >> on a normal day that have about five delivery trucks, but they have had to bring in extra help for valentine's day, 25 trucks. >> we also get employees from
5:58 pm
get employees from our wholesale division, retell greenhouses. it is a busy day. >> well over 1000 deliveries, and the lighting valentine's all over the region. >> the effort to abolish the death penalty. >> a ray rice posture on facebook. how he was caught and what he was doing, coming up. >> the changes coming to downtown telson. a live report, coming up. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. the archbishop's headlined a list of dignitaries who testified today at a hearing to abolish the death penalty. >> there is political intrigue associated with the effort. david collins is keeping an eye on the issue and joins us with the details. >> historically, the bill dies
5:59 pm
in committee, but supporters say that wilma happen this time. death penalty advocates say they also have a trick up their sleeves. police broke up a death penalty opponents rally staged in the median strip outside the senate building. they did not have a permit to demonstrate in a huge signs were considered a driving distraction. clergy from across the state support the governor's bill to replace the death penalty with a sense of life in prison without parole. the archbishop joined an emotionally charged crowd that filled the hearing room. >> everyone wants to build a society that is just and humane. the experience has been that the death penalty does not contribute to that. >> the governor gave several reasons to repeal the death penalty. he said of his remarks

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